Experience and Trust

Simplex CZ – with expertise in trade and strong partnerships with manufacturers – is your trusted gateway to Latin America’s markets.

Simplex CZ unlocks opportunities in Latin America


Simplex CZ focuses on these three main areas:

Raw and Input Materials

This division focuses on export of raw materials for beer production, for dairy industry and on cereal crops for human consumption, feed cereals and their mixtures. Simplex CZ provides complete maritime transport including all the necessary certificates.

Food & Beverage

This division specializes in export of commodities and food. Simplex CZ cooperates not only with Czech leading producers, but also with companies from countries of the European Union and Latin America. It takes charge of transport as well as necessary certificates.


Simplex CZ deals with projects and turnkey supplies of technologies mainly for dairy, brewing, baking, ice cream and beverage industry. The company uses cutting-edge technologies and cooperates with the Czech and European leading producers. Simplex CZ is an exclusive commercial representant of many of these companies in Cuba and other countries of Latin America.