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This division specializes in export of commodities and food. We cooperate not only with Czech leading producers, but also with companies from countries of European Union and Latin America. We provide complete maritime transport including all the necessary certificates.


We focus mainly on:

Export of raw and input materials for beer production:

- Hops from the Czech Republic and Germany; we are the exclusive representative of the company JBS

- Malt from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Belgium

- We supply glass packaging and crown caps for brewing industry


Export of dairy products and raw and input materials for dairy industry:

- Dried milk, butter and other products by leading producers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands,

Peru and Chile


Export of cereals for human consumption, feed cereals and their mixtures:

- Wheat of the highest quality from the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland

- Oats from the Czech Republic

- Feed cereals and their mixtures the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Chile

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